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Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball "Datamoshed," Whatever That Means, It's Super Trippy
The Bigfin Squid is a Real Deep Sea Creature That Will Eat Your Dreams
Child Comes Up With Terrifying Contraception Gun Invention
This Person Likes Their Blackberry Phone a Little Too Much
Guy Spends Over Hundreds Dollars on the McEverything
Snickers Gif That'll Disturb You to Your Core
Guy in Creepy Pikachu Costume Doesn't Quite Do a Kick Flip
Why Would You Name Your Child This?
Somewhere in the Dominican Republic, J-Lo and Obama Are Married
Kid REALLY Enjoys Getting Shots
Guy Caught Fondling a Mannequin's Boobs
Don't You Hate When You Sit In Back of This Guy?
Lieutenant Dan Meets Disney Princess: Weirdest Doll Ever
These Football Teams Sure Can Hold a Lot of, Uh, What
A Whole New Level of Sunscreen
You May at Risk For Throat Cancer if You Have Body Parts

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