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China's McDonald's is Beating America's McDonald's With Sausage Double Beef Burger
Cheeseburger Stabbing
"Sorry I Ran Over Your Kid" Cake
On the Cutting Edge
Here's a Dancing Cactus Man to Help You With Your Day
Sometimes, The Lobster Fights Back
Man Has Tiniest Legs, Biggest Stomach Combo
The McDonald's Menu Has Gotten Really Sexual
Girl Wearing a Pretty Inappropriate Shirt on Nickelodeon Show
Shart: The Challenge
16 Television Captions That Have Gotten Really Weird
Judging By His Outfit, This Man Lost a Bet
No Photoshop-Just Quality Weed
That's Really Nice Bag You've Got-Wait a Second...
Looks Like Taco Bell's Employees Will Lick Your Food
This is the MOST Confusing Road Sign

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