Slumdog Millionaire -- 2008

20) Slumdog Millionaire — 2008

Danny Boyle masterfully directed this winner that inspired everyone to believe in themselves against all odds, and shout "Millinaire!" insensitively throughout 2009 at every opportunity.

A Beautiful Mind -- 2001

19) A Beautiful Mind — 2001

A curiously emotional math-thriller and a masterclass in performance art from before Russell Crowe went crazy and he was just great at acting like he was crazy.

Platoon -- 1986

18) Platoon — 1986

Remember when Charlie Sheen was a serious actor who could portray the horror of Vietnam and not a drug-fueled catchphrase machine? Neither do we, that's why we need to watch Platoon again.

Titanic -- 1997

17) Titanic — 1997

James Cameron's Titanic was the world's biggest movie until he decided he wanted to make a new world's biggest movie with alien cats. In short: if you want success, be James Cameron.

American Beauty -- 1999

16) American Beauty — 1999

Nothing raises a film's esteem like sad, confused characters. American Beauty went all-out. It takes a great script and a great director to turn a worried "hmm" into morose, thoughtful "hmm."