Meter Maid

20. Meter Maid

Average Salary: $19k-$45k"Meter Maid" is maybe one of the world's most humiliating jobs, partly because "maid" is an outdated word, and partly because of those silly buggies they make you drive. They're the monopoly money of cars.


19. Fluffer

Average Salary: $20k-$50kAmong the various duties performed by a fluffer is the not very promising-sounding "keeping the actor aroused before and between takes". We'll just leave it up to your imagination to figure out what that entails, but just… wow.


18. Cremator

Average Salary: $20k-$55kYou can go to jail for setting fire to dead people most of the time, so if that's your thing, this might just be the chance you've been waiting for. In the likely event that you're actually a normal human being, don't become a cremator.

Chris Browns Publicist

17. Chris Brown's Publicist

Average Salary: $27k-$83kAt this point it seems like Chris Brown isn't going to give up until he is the most hated man in all the world. It's his mission, and if you find yourself in the one position where it's your job to try to stop him, God help you, but even he's not going to stick with this guy for much longer.

DMV Employee

16. DMV Employee

Average Salary: $23k-$30kJust think back to the last time you ever saw someone at the DMV who looked even remotely happy. Didn't happen, did it? Looking up from your desk at work and seeing nothing but a crowd of people in various stages of existential despair takes its toll.