Bathroom Attendant

5. Bathroom Attendant

Average Salary: $16k-$30kThis is one of those jobs that's exactly as bad as it sounds. You know how sometimes you accidentally make eye contact with someone in the bathroom and it's really creepy and awkward? Now imagine having to do that. Every single time someone comes in. Yikes.


4. Podiatrist

Average Salary: $73k-$200kDon't let something as shallow as a massive salary fool you: this is a job in which you touch people's feet all day. Not that there aren't less appealing places of the body to touch, but at least the people who do that get to call themselves "doctors" and actually mean it.

Roadkill Cleanup Crew

3. Roadkill Cleanup Crew

Average Salary: $13k-$17kNothing's sadder than the sight of a dead animal, its once unbound majesty within the hierarchy of nature torn from this world with one swift blow from a michelin tyre. On, no wait, the guy scooping it up off the road and shoving it into an orange bag. That's much sadder.

Odor Tester

2. Odor Tester

Average Salary: $30k-$40kProbably the one thing odor testers have to look forward to in their careers is smelling something real nice at some point. That and when its their birthday and they do an honorary blindfolded odor test. "Did you get it? It's farts!"

Sperm Bank Janitor

1. Sperm Bank Janitor

Average Salary: $16k-$37kYep, this is number one. No arguments here. This whole thing is almost tragically undercut by the fact that sperm banks are noble, vital institutions that have provided untold years of joy for people and families alike. They've also provided untold hours of discomfort for the people they have, you know, do that in rooms as fast as they can. None of this, however, competes with whoever comes in at the end of the day to make sure everything's ship-shape, not sticky, and ready for whoever's coming in tomorrow to do what comes naturally, which logically should be "panic" and "leave".