Drawn Together

10. Drawn Together

Comedy Central; 3 seasons; 36 episodes; 10/27/2004-11/14/2007

For a show that lured people in by pretending it was about two hot lady cartoons getting sexy, Drawn Together proved itself pretty quickly to be smarter and faster than just a really specific kind of nerd's really specific kind of lesbian fantasy.

Star Trek: The Original Series

9. Star Trek: The Original Series

NBC; 3 seasons; 79 episodes; 9/8/1966-6/3/1969

It gets a somewhat snarky reaction today, based on its horrible film adaptations and the rabid, overbearing fanbase (the kind that makes Community fans seem, well, reasonable,) but Star Trek was a thoughtful, entertaining show. It tackled hard themes like racism and suicide, which is why everyone remembers it for that cheesy fight sequence that one time.

Pushing Daisies

8. Pushing Daisies

ABC; 2 seasons; 22 episodes; 10/3/2007-6/13/2009

Looks like this is one dead thing Ned couldn't bring back to life. (Writer of this article proceeded to high five everyone in the surrounding area due to the amazing joke they'd just made that definitely no-one's ever made before.)

Important Things with Demetri Martin

7. Important Things with Demetri Martin

Comedy Central; 2 seasons; 17 episodes; 2/11/2009-4/15/2010

Where was the "Getting Your Show Canceled" episode?

The CollegeHumor Show

6. The CollegeHumor Show

MTV; 1 season; 6 episodes; 2/8/2009-3/15/2009

You're too kind.