Invader Zim

5. Invader Zim

Nickelodeon (2001-2002); Nicktoons (2006); 2 seasons; 27 episodes; 3/30/2001-8/19/2006

It's hard to think of a canceled show that hasn't been treated as well by its (former) creative team as Invader Zim. Incredible DVD extras, endless Q&As, and even live performances of unproduced scripts have been happening for years. Let's hope House takes its lead and Hugh Laurie starts hanging out in hospitals being mean to everyone. Not kidding. That would be the best.

Freaks and Geeks

4. Freaks and Geeks

NBC; 1 season; 18 episodes; 9/25/1999-7/8/2000

Despite an all star cast that was too good for its time, Freaks and Geeks constantly toed the line between "Best Show Ever" and "Never heard of it." Sadly, in the end, the latter won out. It's frustrating to think what might have been, especially since James Franco, Seth Rogen, Rashida Jones, Jason Segel, and Judd Apatow disappeared into obscurity the moment the show ended, never to be seen again.

Flight of the Conchords

3. Flight of the Conchords

HBO; 2 seasons; 22 episodes; 6/17/2007-3/22/2009

Flight of the Conchords was on the air for just 22 episodes before it was cruelly ripped from our outstretched, loving arms. Sure, a case could be made for its decline in quality after the incredible first season, but a case can also be made for shut up, it was a great show.

Chappelles Show

2. Chappelle's Show

Comedy Central; 3 seasons; 33 episodes; 1/22/2003-7/23/2006

No matter who you talk to, Chappelle's Show is a subject of bemusement and reverence. It was everywhere and it was brilliant, and still is. You could argue nothing has informed modern comedy as much as Chappelle's Show, unless you liked some other show better. Then you'd probably say it was that. Never mind.

Arrested Development

DISQUALIFIED! Arrested Development

Fox; 3 seasons; 53 episodes; 11/2/2003-2/10/2006

Ha! That's cute. You thought it was going to win, didn't you, you idiot? Well, it's coming back! And with that, does not belong on our list, but we kept it anyway, because we'll take any excuse to talk about how excited we are that Arrested Development is COMING BACK! SOON! HOORAY!


1. Firefly

Fox; 1 season; 14 episodes; 9/20/2002-12/20/2002

Tell anyone that you enjoy thoughtful, episodic sci-fi, or Joss Whedon stuff-hell, tell them you enjoy watching television, and it is a statistical fact they will grab the back of your head, press their nose up against yours and scream "WATCH FIREFLY! WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! NOOOOOOOW!" Never before has a show captured the imaginations and passions of so many, and never again will people stop comparing it to whatever inevitably doomed show Whedon's bringing out next. It's done, it's decided, Firefly needs to come back. We should try a petition or something, right? Pretty sure that'll work.