Saved By the Bell

20. Saved By the Bell

Before Mario Lopez became the host of America's Best Dance Crew, before Elizabeth Berkley's career went down faster than she did in Showgirls, and before Dustin Diamond began his attempts to set the world record for worst living person, they were just a bunch of high school sitcom kids dealing with high school sitcom problems, like caffeine pill addiction. Actually.


19. Walkmans

Sure, they were impractical and bulky and unbelievably fragile, but the worst thing about them by FAR is that the plural wasn't "Walkmen." Actually no. No, no. We still can't get over how often they broke.

Beanie Babies

18. Beanie Babies

Easily the only thing stupider than collecting small, low-quality stuffed animals was assuming they'd be worth more money someday. That didn't stop most people from daring to believe, first that you could get rich quick with a collection of beanbags, and second that a boy wasn't going to made fun of for carrying around little white angel bears. WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP ME, DAD?

Good Burger

17. Good Burger

Kenan and Kel's first film together, Good Burger was an adaptation of the classic odd couple comedy about two competitive fast-food chains. Mondo Burger, Good Burger's biggest rival, injected their beef patties with an additive called "Triampathol" which made them unreasonably large and made viewers unreasonably curious about their taste.


16. Toonami

Everyone who watched Toonami spent at least a little bit of time seeing if they could perform Goku's Kamehameha. So what if you spent hours in an orange robe screaming in desperation as you tried to blast pure light and energy from your cupped hands; if you had succeeded, things would be different.