Nadya Suleman Octomom

10. Nadya Suleman Octomom

Doing whatever you can to support your eight children is great and all, but when "whatever you can" is porn and an insufferable reality show, it might be time to question why you stuffed yourself full of embryos on the first place.

Spencer Pratt

9. Spencer Pratt

Full disclosure: we're not entirely sure who this guy is. He's sleeping with someone, right? Or a bad music producer? Rather than research this alleged idiot/all-round lame-o, we're going to go ahead and say anyone not worth our recognition is definitely deserving of being named one of the world's top 10 douchebags.

Kim Kardashian

8. Kim Kardashian

The worst thing about Kim Kardashian is that no matter how much you hate her, no matter how vapid or awful or emotionally unfulfilled she becomes, she'll still probably be richer, more successful, and happier than you. Sorry.

Pauly D

7. Pauly D

So begins a mini-countdown of a little list-within-a-list we like to call "Three More People Who Are on Jersey Shore." Since most everything that could be said about them has already been said a billion times, let's just give each of them a dismissive moniker and move on. First up, Pauly D, or as you can now call him: "Weird hair; bad DJ; wears tank top a lot." See, you have to be specific otherwise you might be talking about any one of them

Ronnie Ortiz

6. Ronnie Ortiz

"The Extraordinarily Unimpressive, White Hulk"