15. Kramer

Kramer bursts flustered and unannounced into the top 15. Ask just about anyone who their favorite Seinfeld character is and he'll be your answer, faster than you can point a shake finger at them.

Liz Lemon

14. Liz Lemon

For someone so supposedly useless, Liz Lemon sure seems like she has it together: a successful head writing job, a league of attractive boyfriends, and this. A placement on this list. What an embarrassment of riches.

Sheldon Cooper

13. Sheldon Cooper

A wise man once said "it's hip to be square," and there's never been a truer embodiment of that than Sheldon. His nerdiness never becomes a burden, instead endearing and empowering him to such a- wait, he's not the one who dates that blonde babe in the show? Forget it.

The Doctor

12. The Doctor

Eleven actors have so far played The Doctor during Doctor Who's 50 year run. While his personality changes between regenerations, always present are the doctor's affinities for goofiness, dressing weird, and the occasional furious murder of an entire species. Three cheers for The Doctor. But quietly, please, the guy's 912.

Ron Swanson

11. Ron Swanson

He hates government and loves breakfast, and those are just the first two of many bulletpoints on my list of "Reasons Ron Swanson inspires love in all our hearts without fail and forever <3 <3"