25. Archer

Still miss Arrested Development? Specifically the parents, Kitty, and that creepily persistent incest storyline? Then Archer was made for you, and also anyone who thought it was unfair how hunky Jon Benjamin's voice is, and how much of a schlub that guy is in real life. This season of Archer took the action to space, meaning zero gravity, meaning jokes about Pam's weight were even more finely crafted than before.


24. Workaholics

"Oh, you mean that version of The Office that Comedy Central's making? That looks terrible." A lot of idiots said three seasons ago, then never said again. Workaholics has played host to some pretty impressive guest stars in its short lifespan, from Tim Heidecker to Mitch Hurwitz, to people who've achieved success despite their involvements with commercially disastrous comedy.?

New Girl

23. New Girl

OK, fess up, who just voted for New Girl because they have hopeless and depressingly predictable crushes on Zooey Deschanel? Besides me, I mean. Fun fact: Damon Wayans Jr. had a role in the pilot episode of New Girl, before his other show, Happy Endings, was renewed against all odds. SUCKS TO BE YOU, WAYANS, now your sitcom isn't on this list and therefore your career is all but over.


22. Louie

You know that phrase "laughing to keep from crying"? You know, the one from facebook? Louie provides similar feelings, but also actually with the crying. And some pained groans of secondhand social embarrassment. And then more crying.

Mad Men

21. Mad Men

Mad Men only has a couple more seasons left, meaning more and more bad things are going to start happening to the people we love on the show. Which is scary, because how much worse can it get after a fan favourite hangs himself and I ruin the main surprise of last season?