The Walking Dead

5. The Walking Dead

Season 2 of TV's best zombie show took an unpredictable turn: put everyone on a remote farm with barely any zombies and keep them there for ten episodes. It worked out in everybody's favor, though. Character development was at an all-time high, with nothing to do during those long-boring days on the ranch but make mean-spirited power plays and fight each other. The better news is that everyone's still just as stupid as they were in season 1. Meaning still plenty of ventures into the zombie infested woodlands! Yay!

How I Met Your Mother

4. How I Met Your Mother

The time's drawing nearer to Ted Mosby finally revealing who on earth was worth eight years of captivity. Even after all these years, the show maintains its ridiculous pace and commitment to telling straightforward stories in the weirdest, most confusing ways possible. Is the final reveal that Robin's the mother and Ted's gone senile and is an awful, awful, mentally incapacitated storyteller? Don't bet against it.


3. Community

Everyone sit cross-legged on the ground for a second. Now, guys, I know you love Community. We all do. But one day, maybe one day very soon, Community is going to go away and won't come back. I just want you to know that it doesn't mean Community doesn't still love you, or that you have to stop saying "Pop Pop!" I just want us all to remember the good times, and still enjoy them while we can. Now, about Flashforward…

Game of Thrones

2. Game of Thrones

In what has to be the least surprising turn of events in history, it appears people who like CollegeHumor also like a show in which there's a bunch of people dying, people swearing, and people showing their boobs. It's nice of Game of Thrones to pepper in a little political intrigue and finely-crafted dialogue, too, which I assume was a kindly afterthought to legitimize a show that has parents everywhere turning it off after the second episode and saying "It was a little much."

Breaking Bad

1. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, bitch! Seriously, has this show ever been anything below incredible? No, Rian Johnson directed that Fly episode, so that doesn't count. Season 4 saw Walt finally taking shape as the villain Vince Gilligan created him to become. It's been a long, arduous, harrowing, life-shortening journey, but that doesn't mean we're at all ready to say goodbye to it, yet. Really, I don't care how bad it gets, keep 'em coming, Vince. Here's some ideas for season 13: Walt takes the wrong cancer medication and things get a little "silly" in the White household for a couple of days/Hank starts his own microbrewery out of his garage. It all goes well until a local paper runs a piece on the venture and THINGS GET OUT OF HAND/Walt Jr. crashes his car and dies. It'll be a sad, sad day when Breaking Bad finally ends, not because it's over, but because something grim and depressing will undoubtedly happen. Also because it's over. See you in 2013 for some crying, guys.