10. Starburst

"Starburst" just sounds like something you KNOW is going to be tasty. Though if a sexy name isn't quite enough to convince you (and it should be (and I stand by my use of the word "sexy" while describing a fruit candy)) then maybe you should try one and stop calling me out on my erotic attraction to little fruit squares.

Sour Patch Kids

9. Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids' quality is indicated in how easy it is to overcome the mental toll it takes in eating something designed to be associated with both the word "sour" and human children. In the US, they were originally seen as something of a passing craze, like Ring Pops. Not going down without a fight, the public made it clear they wanted Sour Patch Kids to remain on shelves and become a timeless American icon in the following years. Like Ring Pops.

Peanut M&Ms

8. Peanut M&Ms

This is just one of those ideas that is objectively among the top 3 things to ever happen to America. I don't know who came up with the idea for peanut M&Ms, all I know is they needn't have put any more effort into their product proposal than I did just now in my imagination: "M&Ms? Great. Peanuts? Outstanding. Let's shove one inside the other and pretend it didn't take us 30 years to think of this."

Cookies and Cream

7. Cookies and Cream

A good way to ensure the candy bar you invent won't be awful garbage is to base it entirely on something that already exists and seems impossible to screw up. "Cookies and Cream", based on the popular Cookies and Cream, set out to mimic the flavor and somehow created something new and, whisper it, better. That's not to say Oreo's aren't awesome, but between the two, you can only scarf down one of these for 3 hours and not be covered in shame and crumbs by the end of it all.


6. M&Ms

Some say the sugar shell around the chocolate of an M&M was originally designed to prevent the chocolate from melting, making it a convenient travel snack. Others say the guy who invented them was crazy, and implemented a protective layer around his chocolates so that they wouldn't become infested with the souls of demons, and he wouldn't have to keep an exorcist on hand every time he ate candy from then on. Just kidding! I made up that second one to scare my niece so I could take her M&Ms.