Barbara and Adam Maitland Beetlejuice

5. Barbara and Adam Maitland (Beetlejuice)

Well, this should be an easy write-up, as long as we don't mention the word "Beetlejuice" three times. Whoops. Two times. And I guess that one in the title counts as well. So we'll just say that it's a great couples-costume homage to the roles made famous by the bodies of Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis and the heads of terrifying skinless pterodactyl nightmare creatures. How about that, we made it through without saying Beetlejuice agai- OH NO.

Master Chief Halo

4. Master Chief (Halo)

Authenticity is everything. This guy clearly went to great lengths to ensure his Master Chief costume was a by-the-book replica, right down to the Chief's signature energy sword and cool robin's-egg blue finish. I can only imagine this nerd spent the whole night not talking to people, and acting totally devoid of any kind of personality or humanity. You know, to really drive the point home.

Demon Hunter Diablo III

3. Demon Hunter (Diablo III)

According to its creator, this costume took a month to construct by hand, right down to the insanely impractical high heels. Seriously, though, folks, why does a demon hunter wear heels? Does she need to get real cranky to get more hatred resources? Is she gonna run out of a gloomy dungeon onto a runway? What is she, a mystic artisan? Am I right? Oh, they're giving me the light. You guys have been great.

2. Edi from Mass Effect 3

This costume is probably the best example of what happens when you reach the venn diagram overlap of literally any and every facet of a popular Halloween costume-minus the "will I be able to walk to the subway without catching pneumonia, like, 3 times?" part-it's so good, I'd be willing to risk her thinking "is this guy pathetically hitting on me?" while I talk to her for 3 hours about how she made it.

1. Toy Soldier

This year's contest champion exhibits all the attributes of a great costume: attention to detail, a dash of nostalgia, flawless execution, and a willingness to be finding green paint in your ear crevices weeks later. The only way it could be better is if he found a gigantic bucket of other human toy soldiers to pal around with so they could recreate the scenes in Toy Story where they conduct recon on Andy's birthday presents. On the bright side, now we've got something amazing to hope for next year.