Freedom Day Futurama

10. Freedom Day (Futurama)

The best thing about Freedom Day is its all-inclusivity. You don't need to be religious, American, or even thankful to participate, you can celebrate it anywhere, however you want. Also, when I said before about Freedom Day's non-discriminatory philosophy being the best part, I was forgetting about the nude hot-tubbing part.

Treat Yo Self Day Parks and Recreation

9. Treat Yo Self Day (Parks and Recreation)

Noticeable in this list's rankings is how neatly it divided, for the most part, real and made-up holidays. A respectable 9th overall, as well as the best fictional holiday of all time, Treat Yo Self Day, an unashamedly over-the-top glorification of consumerism and selfishness, AKA something obviously too fun to actually exist. The philosophy behind TYSD is simple: Treat Yo Self to anything and everything you want for a full day, disregarding logic and monetary restrictions at every turn. Treat Yo Self Day is followed a day later by Return With Receipt Day which, though just as popular, is a lot less fun.


8. Easter

Whether or not you believe in all that hoo-ha (which I believe to be the technical term) surrounding Easter's origins, there's no denying a modern holiday centered around candy and images of cute baby animals is something we should consider a beautiful miracle in itself, and throw an Easter 2 to acknowledge this. Only with more candy this time.

The 4th of July

7. The 4th of July

Though the signing of the Declaration of Independence was, in itself, a pretty OK thing to happen, the timing of it makes the commemoration of such an event all the sweeter. Barbecues. Fireworks. Rooftop Parties. All things that would have had to be sacrificed if American Independence had been declared on the 17th of January or something. They might as well not even have bothered.

St Patricks Day

6. St Patricks Day

St Patrick's Day was originally conceived to commemorate St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, who has been credited as being key in the introduction of Christianity to the country, which is pretty cool. It has, in contemporary times, been hijacked by many other non-Irish citizens in many other countries as a day to drink heavily and pretty much do whatever you want, which is much, much cooler.