Seven Psychopaths

5. Seven Psychopaths

Speaking entirely objectively, Martin McDonagh is one of the best writers in all of entertainment, and should win one million dollars and one million awards within the next ten seconds. Seven Psychopaths probably wasn't what many people expected, what with its fables and sadness and "oh my god how many times is it possible to say the phrase "throat slit" in one movie?" All that horrible stuff is really a testament to how funny the movie is anyway. It's win/win as long as you count rethinking your life and crying as at least one win.

The Dictator

4. The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen is a little too famous now to be pulling character stunts in public, so he had to go and do something boring like make a REAL movie. Incredibly, making everything that happens fake did nothing to tone down its jokes or calm down the millions of people who were probably offended by like ninety things in it. Which is a relief.

The Campaign

3. The Campaign

At some point it just kinda made sense that we needed a movie where Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis star and, by the looks of things, are allowed to pretty much say and do what they want for two hours. There was literally no way it could go wrong, but they gave Galifianakis' character a couple of adorable pugs anyway. Just in case.


2. Ted

Speaking of sure-thing comedies, there wasn't much Seth MacFalrlane needed to do to convince people that a movie by him about a stoner teddy bear was a good idea.That million-dollar smile of his probably sealed the deal, though.

21 Jump Street

1. 21 Jump Street

There can't have been too many people, before 21 Jump Street was release, who imagined the funniest movie of 2012 would be a remake of a cheesy 80s High School cop show. The trick was to ignore the tone and story of the show entirely, and just go ahead and make the coolest, weirdest, craziest movie possible, populated by just about anyone you've ever loves from any TV show you can possibly name. And Ice Cube. It's hard to pick just a few things that made it the success it was, but I'll just go on record and say that if there ever has been or will be a better drug overdose scene in the history of cinema, I don't ever want to know about it