5. Girl Sends Mom Reassuring Grand Canyon Pic

Nothing says "wish you were here" like "Come immediately here for my funeral".

4. Sad Kid Swings in Bunny Suit

There's no reason this shouldn't be the happiest kid in the world, unless it's Christmas Day and they'd specifically requested a "fuzzy pink GOPHER costume" in their letter to Santa or something.

3. Heads Up Move by Creepy Basketball Fan

A useful way to separate the good from the great when it comes to viral photos is how hard they are to describe and still be funny. It's almost impossible to put into words the brilliant simplicity of this image, so I won't. I'll just gush for a while longer. This is great. It's the best. I love it. You complete me, this photo. Thank you.

2. Introducing Grumpy Cat

It wouldn't be a rundown of the best pictures available on the internet without the requisite "cat doing something cats don't usually do" photo. Though by now, the evidence is highly stacked in favor of the "cats do just about everything at some point" argument.

1. President Obama and McKayla Maroney Are Not Impressed

If ever there was a picture that captures the precise mood of the internet throughout 2012, this is the one. The Olympics were a big success, despite the fact that it made England look good. Obama features, since, well, come on. And, of course, an overwhelming sense of disappointment is the centerpiece of the entire thing. Yes, this picture IS 2012. Happy New Year, guys. Here's hoping the picture of 2013 involves at least several instances of puppy-holding and $10,000 cash.