CH Shorts

    The CH Cast's Favorite Sketches of 2017
    Who's the Real Cop?
    Um, Actually: the Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Ep. 5)
    Instagram Art Show
    How to Actually Finish Something, for Once
    Disarming Conversational Land Mines
    If Hand Turkeys Were Real
    The Story of the First Friendsgiving
    Hiding in the World's Worst Hedge Maze | The sCHining Pt. 6
    Ghosts Get Caught Having Weird Sex | The sCHining Pt. 5
    Workshopping Your Insane Writing | The sCHining Pt. 4
    Standing Up For Yourself as a Woman, But Not Too Much
    How to Fill an Awkward Amount of Time
    Visiting Your Crappy Hometown
    Vampire Doesn't Feel Invited

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