tea party

The Tea Party came into being as a reaction to the policies of President Obama and is known for being socially conservative, fiscally ignorant, and grammatically challenged. Though lampooned by left-leaning media outlets, the outlets defend themselves on the grounds that most Tea Partiers do not know what the word "lampoon" means. Tea Partiers are often spotted wearing colonial garb which, along with their name, is a homage to the rebels who dumped chests of tea into Boston harbor in protest against universal healthcare, immigrants' rights, and science. [[[readmore]]] *Nader-ing the Right:* Democrats cheer the Tea Party not just for their colorful racism but also because a Tea Party candidate at the polls would snipe votes away from the GOP. *If they won:* Supposing a Tea Partier won the office of president, it would be the first time in nearly 200 years that the President of the United States at one point wore a tri-corner hat. *Stance on Everything:* AMARICA!

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    This Baby Bargains Like The Tea Party

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    Voting Booth Talks Back

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